Revolutionary Cake Protector Prevents Your Kids Being at Risk of Swine Flu and Other Dangerous Airborne Diseases

The Slobber Stopper™ is a valuable protection against unnecessary infection. What does it do?


  • Protects your kids against airborne nasties
  • Stops germs and “slobber” getting on your cake
  • Minimises the risk of swine flu
  • Prevents dangerous candle wax and toxic sparklers residue from getting on your cake
  • Minimises the risk of you and your kids getting sick
  • Allows you and your kids to enjoy a celebration with a germ free birthday cake

What’s the price of your kid’s good health?

Have you ever been at a party where the sick looking kid “slobbers” and sneezes over the kids birthday cake?

Did you know that recently there’s been a dramatic increase in cases of the “swine flu” in Australia?

Have you ever noticed that the next day after the sick kid “slobbered” over the birthday cake that you and your kids get the flu or a bad cold?

Have you ever felt disgusted at the thought of eating a birthday cake that someone just “slobbered” on?

Well finally one bright spark has come up with an invention that will literally change the way you think about birthday parties forever.

The Slobber Stopper is a collapsible, re-usable and transparent cake cover which holds candles and when placed over a cake, allows the candles to be blown out without “slobber” and other airborne germs ending up on the cake and making you and your kids sick!




Don't risk your child's health, order yours today!

  • Small, $5.99 (plus P&H)

  • Medium, $6.99 (plus P&H)

  • Large, $7.99 (plus P&H)

A percentage of the sale of every Slobber Stopper will go to Sydney Children’s Hospital
“Sydney Children’s Hospital relies heavily on community involvement to help raise awareness and much needed funds for the Hospital. We are grateful for Slobber Stopper’s fundraising efforts to help our Hospital”
Adam Check, Chief Executive, Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation


The transparent, reusable cake cover

that keeps your kids healthy


The Slobber Stopper in action!

Keeping your kids safe from germs